Philodendron Hastatum with brown spots.

Dec 30, 2019
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Would anyone be able to help me with my Philodendron Hastatum? It has been developing dry brown spots on it's leaves. Sometimes on the edges and sometimes on the vein. I've just had a leaf with a vein spot die as well.

philo 1.JPG

Leaf vein spot.

philo 2.JPG

philo 3.JPG

Additional images.

The spots are dry and thin. I have not been able to detect any pests although another (symptom?) the plant is exhibiting is sticky clear sap at regular intervals along the stem of the plant only (not on the leaves).

The plant was originally close to a window with strong afternoon sunlight and I was worried it was becoming sun burnt (due to the brown spots) and moved it further way from the window (3-4 metres) a month or two ago, however it does not seem to be recovering.

Could anyone let me know what may be the issue with this plant and what the recommended action to take would be?


Feb 21, 2020
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United States
Watering issues either over or under watering is most likely the problem. Water until you see water come out of the bottom of the container then stop. Wait until the top inch is dry before watering again. It can take a while for the leaf damage to show up on a plant and so the watering issue could have been two weeks ago. You should be ok with your plant when the water issues are addressed.

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