Please help my tree philodendron!

Nov 21, 2019
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United States

I bought this beautiful treee philodendron from a friend in September for my new apartment. Since then, some leaves have slowly been yellowing and now are browning on the edges. This plant is very special to me so I would like to do all that I can to save it!

It was green and flourishing before I took it and was on a top floor apartment that got tons of light. She told me to water it once a week with 2 water bottles, which seems like a lot but it was beautiful and very healthy. It is now getting indirect light in a pretty bright top floor apartment. I have been trying to water it less as the most common reason for yellowing leaves that I’ve found is overwatering! Now I am afraid I am underwatering it. Even though it’s winter, our apartment stays pretty warm and very dry.

Please help!




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