Different plants - different problems

Jan 1, 2021
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Hi plant lovers,
I got three different plant with some issues.

The first on ist a pepper plant (Dragonˋs Breath) with leaf curling.
I already applied fertilizer and eggshells soaked in vinegar then mixed with water to get some extra calcium. I applied it once until now.

Second one is a Chirimoya.
I‘m battling with this issue for a while now. I guess it has some kind of nutritional defficiency but until now I could not figure out which one.
I applied epsom salt once for magnesium.

Last one is a Citrus plant.
Newer leafs are way more yellow and got green vains. Maybe iron defficiency? I applied some iron fertilizer (for gras - first thing I could find in the garage).
And those spots on the leafs - what are those burnmarks from sunlight?
As a comparison I took a picture of it‘s brother in a bigger pot which has no issues and- just some burn marks from the sun(if that‘s what it is). It is nice and green.

Thanks in advance




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