Need some help with positioning different houseplants for indirect light

Mar 6, 2018
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Is this the correct positioning for these plants, the first pic is a north facing windowsill I have streptocarpus and anthuriums / peace lilies there they are on the windowsill

In the second pic is a west facing window I have anthuriums on the windowsill they get direct sunlight I know this is ideal for them but it hasn't hurt them yet, also a peace lily is further in on a shelf a couple of feet from the window

In the last pic is a south facing window with a peace lily about 6 feet from the window and Madagascar jasmine about half a foot in from the window, sort of confused about indirect light and how far to position plants so that they don't get burned but still get enough light, I have pothos growing next to or behind all the these plants in each picture too, there are no trees or anything near the house which would block some of the sun so each side of the house gets unfiltered sun

Also if I had plants in the south facing windowsill that can take full sun like geraniums could I put peace lilies or anthuriums right behind them on the windowsill and it would be like a canopy for them? Or would the light still be too strong

I'd appreciate and help please, thanks


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Feb 21, 2020
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The first window is perfect, make sure no direct sunlight hits the anthuriums at all anytime. They need real bright light but no sun contact on the leaves. The best way to place a plant in bright well lit area is to watch it one day on a sunny day. You want to get as much light as possible without having the sun have contact. The closer the to window the better it is, as long as the sun doesn't have contact. When you find the perfect place for your beautiful plants, remember the turn them a 1/4 turn every few days to assure the plant gets equil sun.

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