How to safely use Baby Bio house plant insecticide spray?

Dec 3, 2016
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United Kingdom

I've got a Dracaena plant; that has what appears to be white scale or something like it (see attached photo links on google drive); I don't know much about plants, I bought this one in Vauxhall Flower market a year and a half ago, one month after it started showing these symptoms. I moved home and planned to buy new plants. I don't want the new plants to get infected with the disease, so I got the Baby Bio house plant insecticide spray - but the instructions are not clear about how to use it, and I'm not finding any instructions online, so hopefully I can find help here.

The google drive link with the photo gallery:

My question is how to safely use Baby Gio house plant insecticide spray? I'm sure this is toxic and should use outdoors, but it's 2C ~ 8C at the time I wrote this post, and surely the plant is going to die if I leave it outside. So, what to do? How long should the plant stay outdoors until the spray effects finish?

Any advice is appreciated!

Thank you!


May 4, 2015
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Mid Michigan
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Welcome. :)
Could you attach pics to the post, rather than just the link? No offense but I'm not comfortable opening links from unknown sources.

Anyhow, might not be insects at powdery mildew and see if that looks familiar. In the meantime keep your plant away from any current ones so whatever it is doesn't spread.

A mix of water, mild dish soap and a few drops of cooking oil will take care of many possible insects. Neem oil is fairly safe and an organic option for some bugs and most fungal ailments. I would try these things before an insecticide. Hopefully you still have the receipt! ;)

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