ZZ plant issue (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) - Save

Apr 25, 2020
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

Hope you are all well.

We never had any issue with our Zamioculcas zamiifolia plant but as you can this on the picture that from the same main root two stems are not looking good.
One is sort of mouldy and the second one is getting black...

My first thought is that we might have over watered it but we have it for the last 2 years and never had any issue.

Also what is the best way to save both stems? Shall we do a clean cut and put it in some water to get new roots before repotting?
Is it safe to leave the root in the pot or it may infect the other ones?

Many thanks in advance to help us save those plants.




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Feb 21, 2020
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United States
I would re-pot the zz plant once a year if using a small container like the one above. Take the plant out of the old soil very gently and remove as much as the old soil you can. Look at the roots and make sure you have some left, and if you do, repot the plant with roots in fresh soil using the same container.

The black spots on the stems will need to be removed, so cut back until you hit green tissue. Place the Zamioculcas stem in a glass of water of filtered water not tap. I change my water every three days to one week. Roots will start developing at the very tip. When the roots are over an inch long, carefully transplant to a pot with well-draining soil.

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