Very gutted amateur gardener with a sickly Passion flower please help!

Jul 5, 2018
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United Kingdom

I bought a Passion flower 3 months ago, planted in a flower bed against an unsightly garden fence. It has been doing fantastic, it has 18 buds on which until today I have been eagerly watching waiting for the gorgeous flowers to arrive but..... a few days ago I noticed the bottom leaves becoming yellow speckled and one vine was not growing at the same rate as the others.

Today half of the leaves in at the bottom of the plant have become yellow (but only on two vines) and the top portion of those two vines have wilted. I read about a disease that could be causing this.

Is there anything I can do? I really am gutted. It was looking fantastic!

Also, if it is a disease, I have a small magnolia tree, mountain fire and rhodedendron not too far away. Can it spread?!

Thanks in advance


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