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  • A feast of warm light in a time of cold darkness, like the seed of Yin floating in the sea of Yang.
    Yule have a wonderful time.
    To all, a most happy Hallowed Eve and Samhain (pronounced 'SAUW-en'), which may or may not have been the Celtic New Year*, but is considered so now. (* Take that debate up with the prehistorians.)
    A Joyous Autumn* Equinox to All.... or Mabon, if you're feeling particularly pagan or poetic about it.

    (* Hemispheric differences may apply.)
    Happy 1 September. Now the flame of the year begins to "fall" into its "embers".
    Hello Marck. Forgive me but. Have you recently graduated from horticultural college? If so. May I congratulate you on your, upto now answers. However. This internet thingy is great, but people suddenly become tired, if you get my jist.

    I wish you all the very best.

    Dr.Mike Allen.
    Plant pathologist . Plant and soil scientist. Ret.
    Thank you. It is a pleasure to talk about plants with other gardeners. Of course, anyone's interest in the subject may wax or wane with time. You should only do it to the extent that you enjoy it.
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