So what actually kills aphids?

Sep 11, 2022
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Beaverton, OR
United States
I have an indoor veggie garden with LED grow lights. Chard, beets, broccoli, spinach, parsley, mustard, potatoes.
We all know spraying dish soap and essential oils doesn't do anything at all, and I'm sick of buying $30+ organic insecticides just to find out they don't really work either. There are many more products I haven't tried but they all have reviews that say it works and just as many reviews that say it doesn't work. So I have no idea which to try. I'm on disability so I don't have money to throw around.
I just finished up a bottle of pyrethrin concentrate. $30. I used it at 4x the recommend strength and drenched the plants in it every other day for several months. It barely keeps the aphids under control but never gets rid of them. If I skip 3 days they're back. And a lot of the plants died, probably from over-spraying.
So... WHAT KILLS APHIDS? I'm ready to consider something not organic at this point, because this is a serious waste of money and effort if I don't actually get any vegetables to eat.

Thank you.


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