Mango shrub

Jul 24, 2022
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Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
So my mango seed grew one stub, it grew thick and long for a week but never grew a leaf. The stub stopped growth and another stem popped up that is indeed growing leaves. Should I cut the stub that stopped growing and has no leaves to encourage growth on the stub with leaves?

Also, another seed grew 2 stubs, 1 thick, green and short with no signs of leaves growing, and another with a small stem but a large leaf and a couple of tiny leaves that are still growing. What should I do with this seed? Should I cut the leaf? Will it encourage growth on the stem if I cut the leaf? Should I cut off the shrub that's small green and not showing any signs of leaf growth?

Last question, I'm currently growing the mangoes in my room off of an LED desk lamp. If it is not in my room, the cats in my house will bite the leaves of my mango shrubs. I would like to move them out of my room, how do I discourage my house cats from eating the leaves?


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