New to gardeningneed help with Julie Mango dwarf

Apr 2, 2022
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South Florida
United States
Hello all,

I just planted this Julie Mango deaf tree last week and just wanted some tips on the caring for this tree.

How much do I need to water it? (It’s in a planter with a drainage hole at the bottom and the soil [fafard profesional potting mix] is sitting on top of some rocks.)

I keep hearing reading that I should cut off the tree first few flower branches so that it grows some more. Should I cut off the purple branch of this tree?

When should I give the tree it’s first feeding? And what should I use?

I also heard people adding espresso coffee grounds after it’s been brewed to the soil. Should I add this to the soil every once and while?

I noticed some of the leaves look a little shriveled and a little hard to the touch also some of the leave have burn tips. Is this okay or what should I be doing to care for this.

I love in south Florida if this helps for anyone wondering about the climate the tree is in.

Thank you in advance for you viewing this post and your feedback.


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