Lemon trees as houseplants from seed

May 8, 2016
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United States
I stumbled upon a video on youtube describing using lemon trees as houseplants. There were three big advantages.. the first is that they are very hardy and are an attractive plant if pruned well. Second, they actually can produce fruit, while not much, it is definitely an interesting thing to have a fruit producing tree inside your living room. But the coolest reason is that just the leaves of the plant give off a nice lemon fragrance, it is not just the fruit that smells like lemons. For some people this not only smells nice, but also smells ´clean´ because so many cleaning products use lemon fragrances. The guy on the video states that the trees just make the house smell cleaner. LOL

Last week I started with seeds in a ziploc bag with damp paper towels. Will let you know how it goes and will take pictures if I get some decent trees going.


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