Coconut palm?

Jul 26, 2020
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United Kingdom
2 issues. Watch video to second half, where you can get a good focus and seee tiny white crawlies. Are these spider mites on my Coconut palm young leaves? I've sprayed several times with Neem and water... They die.. But next day there is more again. How do I get rid of em? I sa spider mites cause I watched a video about coconut palm care advising spider mites occur commonly with coconut palms, hence me even CHECKING or else I'd never have looked closely to notice.

2d) why are the leaves browning like this? I barely watered it at first as I considered it didn't need.. It was fine, then I saw care tips online that it needs weekly watering and regular misting.. I started watering and misting.. Leaves started browning... I watered once biweekly.. Tried less.. Then tried more.. Who has experience with these?

They've got good drainage... Water runs through to saucer.. I tip the excess.. I don't know how I could be over watering when info online says it needs weekly watering.




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