Aspen trimming help, how to?

Jul 19, 2019
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United States
Hello all,

New here and need a bit of help with an Aspen I planted in the spring. I planted three Aspens over the last five years and all have been doing well, although not growing too fast or getting out of hand. This one came up from one of the adult trees in the yard and I decided to try my hand at transplanting it. I dug it up last year near the end of summer and put it in a pot with hopes that it would do well. Well, it was doing great in the pot and managed to grow about a foot before fall. This spring it started growing like a weed, so when it reached about three feet I transplanted it into the ground next to my deck. Here it is four months later and it is starting to become a beanstalk, over six feet and growing about an inch per day. I don't mind it growing upward, but I'd like it to start getting a fuller canopy like the others in my yard so it will give some afternoon shade to the deck. I'm wondering if I can top the tree to get it to start growing it's small branches outward faster. Also, as you can see in the picture, there's one branch that shot out much faster, and is much larger than all the others. Is it a good idea to cut this one down also? Should I wait until fall? Thanks for your help.



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