Pink Princess Philodendron leaf spot and lower leaves mushy and decayed.

Jun 26, 2022
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La Mesa, CA
United States
Hi all. I recently (two weeks ago) received a PPP in the mail. The soil was quite moist when I received it, so I allowed it to dry out a bit and just watered it about 4 days ago. When I did, I noticed that the bottom two tiny leaves looked a little translucent. When I touch them they completely disintegrated in my hand. Total mush. The stem on one of the leaves was also mush. I removed the two leaves and stems from the plant. I also had a new leave that hasn't hardened yet develop an odd rust colored area on it and on the edge. I am not sure if thee two are related or not. I am worried it is a bacterial or fungal infection. I am planning on letting it dry out again just in case. Any thoughts?


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