Not all gardening plots are large in size, But they can mean so much.

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Peace perfect peace

Every time i come here, I feel so sad,
Tears in my eyes of sorry for the brother, Nan and Grandad i once had but now they've gone.

So many memories of times gone by (Ive just looked around and no ones close so it's ok to cry)

The flowers from last week, "the ones i thought then we're the best !!!
Will end up in the bin over there with all the waste "a good place to rest.

Ive emptied the old water out and refilled the pot, Every flower is put in with special care,
Oh i wish i could do more to show i really care,

Im sorry for the silly things i did in the past,
The fights, The ghost we never really saw on those dark nights,
The times i used you as a goal post because you couldn't play football, And thats another ghost.

The past is all ive really got and again im crying looking down at the Plot

Its only a little piece of land "but i come here and feel sad "Why" I dont really understand.

Maybe you we're stronger than me and i as the eldest was weak?

I'll wipe away my tears and say goodbye, I'll be back again with flowers ,
Same old tears "Same time next week.

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