Gardening can make future friends when you least expect?

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Peace perfect peace

It was a nice saturday morning, the sun was out and i was home alone when i heard the knock on the front door,
I was living in north wales "UK" at the time in our first home after leaving the Army, this house was old and needed a lot of work done to it but it was thanks to this house having an acre field at the rear of the house that got me going into gardening and making 4 future friends,

I opened the front door and stood infront of me was four little girls, approx ages i'd say 7-6-5- & 4yrs of age, all these little eyes had been crying and the leader of this group looked up at me and said,

We live up the road in the cul-de-sac and my bedroom looks into your garden,

Oh i said,
The spokes girl continued, This is "Fluffy" my hampster and he's died,

She was holding a shoe box ,
Can we please bury "Fluffy" in your garden "Please,
Then all three of these little girls asked Please, please, please ?????

Ok go around to the side gates and i"ll let you in,

We all walked down the path and i asked did you have any spot "Fluffy" would like,?
I'd hardly finished when the leader of the pack said "Yes" by those yellow flowers "i can see them from that window,
She pointed across the garden to the fencing and above was her bedroom window,

I said leave fluffy with me and i'll sort him out,
All these eyes looked at me as she gave me fluffy's size 4 shoe box and they started to walk down the path towards the gate,
As they went through the gate one of the little girls asked if they could come back on sunday with some flowers ?
As long as your mums say its ok, And off they went,
It was only after i'd dug the hole i remembered i once had a Hampster and they dont stay awake all winter and as this was near the end of September !!!
Was fluffy really dead?
These little girls came week after week for ages 'even when it snowed' just to make sure "Fluffy" was resting in peace (even though he was in the corner of the shed) After a while the visits slowed and then ceased, As it worked out "Fluffy was dead"

But years later i was in my local Bank telling the cashire we wanted to use the local branch in the new area (40 miles away) as from the end of that month as we'd sold up and this was our new address, I was directed to an office in the corner of the bank to fill a few forms in,
When i'd completed the forms this very nice young lady said thank you and i replied No i should be thanking you "it was then she said I mean for putting up with the four of us taking up your time when "FLuffy died"


Mar 20, 2017
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That's a lovely story, ppp!

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