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I read so many problems from people trying to garden and making all kinds of mistakes and then getting into a state they say "I cant garden or it's just not worth while.
The fault is like a lot of todays modern way of life If its not given or very little efforts involved "Then i dont want to know".

I"ll never say gardening is easy but again i"d never say gardening is just sowing or planting, If your really wanting to get good results then you'll need to do some work both in the actual labour side of gardening and the mental side by learning about the garden construction both in the build up and construction of the ground your going to grow anything in,
Ive not seen any plants planted in solid concrete grow nor have i seen lime hating plants growing to their best in in lime,
And simple lessons ref the plants needs are important ie dont think you can beat nature because you'll loose big time,
To much heat and most plants fry, to little and they'll suffer if not die, the same for light/water and food Even the compost you sow in can make a big difference as to the seed starting off, ie if you sow seed in a to heavy compost/soil they'll not get light or the compost will retain to much water and again the seed will drown,
The points im trying to show is Do your home work and learn about what your gardening needs are and change or improve the growing conditions for your garden
You'll be a much better gardener and reap the rewards.


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