Sowing cold hardy veggies for fall garden + BIG FIG & potato harvest

Jul 15, 2014
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Today I cleaned up the hugelkultur garden, using the weeds as mulch between the walkways. With wood, I framed the hugelkultur mounds to contain the compost.

After cleaning the mounds and adding the wood around the mounds, I then reused the compost from the potato grow bags to put on the mounds. I had a small potato harvest.

Then I sowed Buttercrunch and Black seeded Simpson lettuce, cauliflower, purple top turnip, nantes carrot, spinach, chives, garlic chives, and broccoli seed within the mounds.

back view of first mound: peas, lettuce, spinach, turnips, corn, lettuce, broccoli

front view

back view of second mound: I sowed broccoli, lettuce, & garlic chives

Back view of third mound: broccoli, cauliflower, chives, & artichoke

front view: artichoke, broccoli, cauliflower, chives
Peas are growing on the fourth and fifth hugelkultur mound...

Also, look at how many figs I picked today-- I believe that's 24 figs!

Original post @ Sowing cold hardy veggies for fall garden + BIG FIG & potato harvest

Smoothie made of peaches from the food forest

beans, figs, & Anne raspberries

Potatoes from the garden as well

Garden dinner of cooked beans, potatoes, and radish

Original post @ Potato, Beans, Radish harvest for dinner + Fall fruits for smoothie

Pic from Figs from the food forest + Last night's sunset

If you can, try planting lettuces or onions in pots indoors to grow food in the fall and winter. Or set up something like I have for your fall garden, or raised bed style so you can use a polytunnel (or plastic covering) to protect your crops from the frost.

-Cassie K
Sep 10, 2014
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central Texas
United States
Cassie, I came in from planting our fall garden, read your post, and realized that gardeners' minds do run on the same track!
Yesterday I planted three kinds of leaf lettuces, a dozen broccoli starts, spinach, parsley, and arugula. We don't have to worry about poly tunnels or cold hardiness since our "winter" usually starts after Christmas and lasts for about six weeks.
It's a real pleasure to have fresh salad and broccoli heads in the "dead of winter.;)"
Let us know how your winter garden does--your photos tell us that you have a fantastic and varied garden.

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