What are you reading ref gardening todays and yeasterdays topics

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Peace perfect peace

Greeting garden lovers,
This is just a thought ive just had as its pouring down and ive time to try and keep sane (i hate being indoors during the summer)
Ive said pre this topic about the books ive collected over many years and how ive bought most of them via charity shops/animal rescue shops for a fraction of todays prices you'd pay for new books,
But not all the books are strictly about how to grow anything but are about the way gardeners we're treated in the old days, How the big estates gardens functioned and the way the head gardeners kept in close contact with the head house keeper etc,

Just to give you an idea of some of the strange going on's during these times and trying to think of how would you get away with one of the practises today,

IE mold problems and one of the ways the victorian gardener delt with it,
Moles can be a big problem as to the look of a landscaped lawn (they dig for worms and leave huge soil hills all over the Lawn) Well the victorian gardeners discovered that Mole's have a very very good nose and can smell different smell's from a very long distance and so it was found the smell of human urine put the moles off and so the young gardener was sent out early morn to kneel down and (urinate) through the hole (nearly wrote that wrong then) the mole had made in the Lawn,

Well all this may have been ok back in the victorian days "But could you just imaginer early one Sunday morning you on your knees "Tool in hand" urinating down the moles hole???? And your next door neighbour returning from church and seeing you doing this ???

Morning neighbour
"Oh er er" Im trying to kill the moles "Honest" its not what your thinking !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:oops::oops: Ive a real girl friend "yes I have" honest..

Now i try to read every night just pre dozing off ie i read until its not making any sense and then the book is put away,

The book im reading just now is called the "Game keeper" Its an old book and im really amazed at just what was involved in being a game keeper and all the verious way game/fish etc was taken and how it was taken via the game keepers enemy the "poacher" its a good read book and one im enjoying,

What are you reading ?

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