New Garden DEAD???

Discussion in 'General Gardening Talk' started by Knight, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. Knight


    Apr 20, 2017
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    I live between zones 6 and 7 depending on what map you look at. I started my first garden this year. A 4 by 8 foot 16 inch deep raised bed. Placed weed fabric and mixed Miracle Grow raised garden soil and Black Kow compost. I planted Bonnie Organic strawberry, pablano pepper, zucchini and Better Boy tomatoe plants about 4 days ago in their biodegradable pots and covered with about an inch of mulch. I also watered with miracle grow mix. The garden gets about 6 to 7 hours direct sun. I water once daily and soil remains moist. Now im seeing browning of strawberry leaves and wilting of a few other plants (see photos). What should I do? Are they ok? Will they rebound?

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    Knight, Apr 20, 2017
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  2. Knight


    May 4, 2015
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    Mid Michigan
    Hi. :)

    Too much water. Very few plants are native or thrive with daily watering and constantly wet soil, unless they are tropical and that is normal for them in native conditions.

    Stop with the daily watering! The plants you mention all are native to Mediterranean or desert type climates, and depending on how much rain you get need water once maybe every week or three.

    I'm in Michigan and there have been years where I absolutely never water veggies in the ground; too much water or rain is more of a problem. Occasionally soak the ones in containers when they start wilting.
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    Beth_B, Apr 20, 2017
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