Monstera help!

Dec 27, 2020
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Hi everyone!

I’ve had my monstera for just under a year now, it’s been doing really well and shooting out healthy leaves for the majority.

Recently though I’ve had to manage an infestation of thrips. To get rid of them I doused my plant with neem oil (foliage, stems and soil) and had to use insecticide as well. I used the neem oil for 2-3 days and insecticide once. It’s been about 3 weeks thrips free now.

Unfortunately, during that process I could see two new leaves starting to develop from the stems. They’ve since emerged and started to unfurl. Their stems are drooping and the leaves are very pale (more pale than normal new leaf colour) and their stems are slightly floppy.

I live in Perth, so it’s been getting pretty hot. Plant is kept inside next to a north facing window, so it gets a lot of indirect light. Inside temp is about 20-25deg with occasional humidifier on. I haven’t watered it for about 3-4 weeks which is normal for most my houseplants (the water meter says it’s still in the ‘moist zone’)

Any ideas? Or help would be appreciated?
Should I cut these leaves off or should I keep them on and see what happens?


E69D7317-0DAD-4B54-B869-E4542033EF5D.jpeg A729B737-7AFA-454E-BADD-0F8D74E4B271.jpeg18A90911-D7DF-49DF-A70E-A85AF0290E17.jpeg


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