Miniature roses

Jan 31, 2018
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A friend bought my wife two miniature roses in 4" pots as part of her Christmas present. They'd died off by mid January, so instead of chucking them out I put them in 10" pots on the patio steps.

They flowered again in June. This is just one of them.


and kept on flowering until the nd of October.

They've just about finished now.
Feb 13, 2021
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United Kingdom
I am scared that once I move them outside in the ground they will die. I have not had much luck with anything surviving in my yard except those silly wildflowers that I really don't care for. I guess I am here asking for advice. What would you all do to try to keep your bushes growing healthy
I would forget about using fertilizer and go for generally improving your soil. I don't know what sort of soil you have of course, a bit of sand might be a help with drainage in heavy clay for example, but would be useless if the soil is already sandy, but digging in some well rotted farmyard manure and compost will improve almost any soil. If you can get leaves in the autumn and bag them up leaf mould is good for both drainage and water retention, strangely. It will hold enough water for the plant's needs, but excess will run through rapidly. On the other hand it does not contain nutrients. A good natural fetilizer is bone meal, or blood fish and bone if you can get it, It will release the nutrients slowly and they won't get washed away to pollute your local rivers like artificial ones will. I start by digging those "Silly wild flowers" (AKA weeds) in and chopping them up well, they all add to the organic material in the soil. It seems such a waste when I see people pulling them up, putting them in a plastic bag, and dropping them in the rubbish bin.

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