Elephant ear drooping with very strange spots

Jun 10, 2019
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About two weeks ago, I noticed my elephant ear drooping quite a lot on one side but after a few days in better light it was fine. However, after coming back from a short trip I came home to a different stem (larger and older) drooping with these very odd spots.

The spots are dry and flimsy but also gritty. We have had some issues with fungus gnuts but they have been gone for some time. I’m located in the Gold Coast, Queensland so it’s just started getting cold for winter. Could this be a possible issue and causing the drooping?

The stem of the leaf is not soft at all (which they usually are if the leaf is dying) and the rest of the plant is fine.

What could be causing the leaf spotting and such aggressive drooping? Can it be fixed?

Thank you for any help we have been really struggling with this plant since we got him!




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