Did you have any keen knitters in your family ?

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Peace perfect peace

I was looking at some old photo's of times gone by and i came across one of myself in a knitted swimming costume made complete with a snake elastic belt,

I'd just got my school swimming certifictate and at the age of 5yrs i was very proud,
And so my aunt knitted this surprise costume,

I couldn't wait for school swimming afternoon and this week all those with the certificate are to get a badge and then all in the pool together (girls & boys)

So i had my new costume on and the time came for the whistle and in we all went,
The perfect fit (just under my belly button "Red knitted costume" started to hang funny and the water looked like i'd met a shark and he'd won the fight,
blood coloured legs and the costume was now past my nipples and still hanging very low around the crutch area as i held on to it for dear life (and pride)

Days gone by but memories still as fresh as the day they happend.




Jan 31, 2018
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My wife used to knit. She was able to knit for the whole family.

Our eldest two boys often wore matching sweaters she'd knitted.

She did not need a pattern. She kept the designs in her head. When knitting for herself, if she saw someone wearing something in a magazine she liked, she'd copy it.

Over time the prrice of yarn rose quite dramatically and the number of outlets reduced. Now you can buy two sweaters for less than it would cost to knit up one.

But she still knits occasionally, but only for the new babies of family or friends.

She knitted something similar for the baby of the wife of a friend of our eldest son. This couple lived in Boston in the USA.


She wrote back and said that she had been stopped several times by women when she was pushing the baby in the pram when shopping. They wanted to know where she'd bought the clothes. This was knitted without a pattern.

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