Deciduous or Non-deciduous Azaleas?

Apr 25, 2015
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Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia
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United States
I've been gardening for years, but never planted Azaleas. Now I have an opportunity to try them. I'm in Zone 7b in the Mid-Atlantic. I just don't know anything about these shrubs other than they prefer shade at least part of the day. I have a north facing wall with no trees casting any shade on the new planting space. In the summer, the space gets sun from about 12 noon till the sun sets. I don't know whether the deciduous or non-deciduous are easier to grow. Which ones are more trouble-free?

I'm getting up in years and have been weaning out plants that require a lot of attention or lots of extra watering. I understand Azaleas are pretty trouble free. I need to keep the size down also. No more than 4 feet in width for my space. Height wouldn't matter so much. A deep pink would be nice if you have any suggestions. I'd sure like an Azalea that has a good track record. Thanks for your help.


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