Dead Japanese Cleyera- HELP!!

Apr 17, 2022
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Charlotte, NC
United States
Hi. We have 3 large Japanese Cleyera bushes that line the side of our driveway, all purchased and planted at the same time, about 5 yrs old, 5 ft tall and roughly 6 ft apart. One of them died quickly in the beginning of March, out of the blue, the other two are fine. It's in an area that gets a good amount of sun but also shade half of the day. My wife applied a BioAdvanced Disease Control product as soon as we saw the leaves dying, hoping to save it. No luck. It's almost as if somebody sprayed it with something toxic...we have a reputable lawn service company and were thinking they accidentally hit it with an undiluted product, but that most likely would have done some other damage to the surrounding area. I hesitate to even mention that but trying to give all related info. We live in Charlotte, NC and haven't had any weird weather issues that might explain it....nor have any other bushes/trees on the property been affected. We’re unsure about planting something else there in case it's a weird issue with the soil, and hoping after looking at pics someone might have some advice. Believe it or not, the bush with the arrow pointing to it looked like the other two just months ago. Thank you! Brent


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