Black patches with yellow outlines are developing on my monstera / swiss cheese plant :(

Jun 15, 2019
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United Kingdom
I bought this Swiss Cheese Plant just over a month ago a unfortunately it's began to develop these black patches which have these yellow outlines on several of its leaves. I've attached images of my plant below.

To give a quick overview of my plant:
1. It's only developing on very old leaves. The plant is still growing new leaves with no signs of black on them.
2. The plant has been watered twice since I bought it. I water it as and when it requires: only once the soil has become dry. I'm always sure to drain out excess water, too.
3. I live in the UK and most of June so far has been very cold, overcast and rainy. My plants tend not to become thirsty quickly in this weather, as you can probably guess.
4. My plant is placed next to the window.

I would super appreciate any advice. Thanks. :)


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