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Peace perfect peace

Greetings to you all,
Just finished 6 hours work on the wood chipper,

(Playing now on the radio I wish i had someone to love me , by the Dubliners " Fantasic music")

Back to the wood chipper,
What i thought would be an hour or so work clearing a jammed piece of wood, turned out to be 6 hours, one bit of work led on to another bit and both with the outdoor heat and the CD playing some good music (and the workshop fridge offering cold bear, it took longer than i thought,
The grease gun was smokin,

But much enjoyed,
Now it's all back in good working order and connected to the tractor ready for the next days chipping's,

Ive noticed the fruit trees ie plums are not a good harvest this year,

Well its a nice cold beer time so have a nice relaxing evening foliks,


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