A change of plan.

May 10, 2019
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Greetings all,
Well its been a bit of a change of plan today And very little gardening done, except the greenhouse checking to see all's well.

I put a new metal roof on the pump house last september, And as the local (18miles away) DIY store was having a glass fibre sale i thought i'd get a few rolls while i was buying the metal sheets for the roof and this led to me also buying the chip bourd to line the wall area"s,

Well because we have a large pump and filter system in this pump house I left the lining behind these pumps etc until the weather warmed up and today it has warmed up.
I emptied everything out and set myself up to not only re root the electrics so i could line the wall area and then fit the chip bourds,

This led to a shelf going up for the chemicles stored for the pump, and so ive had a smashing day and done about 50 % of the work and it'll be finished by the end of play tomorrow,

It's amazing the verous tools kept for other uses than what they we're made for.

I kept or bought old spade/fork/hoe/rake. The idea is to make a really old looking gate for the veg area, the tools ive listed are for the inner part of what will be
a gate to keep the dogs off the veg patch,
But i wanted it to look like the old country cottage garden gates of times long gone,
The tools will be fixed at the cross top and bottom of the wooden gate and fixed via being part of the construction, ie spade head facing upwards & then the rake head facing downwards and the hoe head upwards and the rake leaning from the corner to the centre, and then using fence post and the long hinge's
top /middle: bottom and lift latch fasener,
The closing device will be a string weighted via a small bucket, (As the gate is pulled open the weighted bucket is lifted off the ground and when the gates let go of
the bucket lowers back to the ground pulling the gate closed.

But tonight im really knackered and i'll sleep well after a few whisky's.
Good night all.


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