What exactly happened to my cluster beans/Guar plants?

Feb 21, 2016
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My cluster bean plants 5 of them are 3 months old, and were giving good amount of cluster beans. They got powdery mildew on them few (3) weeks ago, Being a new to this all and a hobbyist, I didn't exactly knew what happened to the plant there were white spots on them, so I tried searching and all, but I didn't understood much.

A few days ago I learned that it is powdery mildew and from wikipedia and other sources I found out that you could spray milk and water mixure on them to cure it.

Till now almost all the leaves were totally white, but from 3 days I've been spraying milk and water mixure over them and they were back to green yesterday.

Now today, I saw many leaves fallen on ground, so I moved the plant a bit and 80% of it's leaves fell down to the ground

I did this with all the plants and same thing happened. I wasn't rash, I just gently moved them and immediately leaves began to fall.

Now I am not sure if I should let the plant live with very few leaves or should just remove them out and plant new ones.

Kindly guide me.

I'll post pictures soon.


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