Rooting Olive Trees

Jun 29, 2020
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United States
Hello All,
I am pretty new to the world of home gardening, and especially trees. In the upside down photo below are two olive tree clippings I am rooting. They are from Greek olive trees. These are the only two of twelve which have begun to sprout new growth.
I used an IBA rooting hormone powder, following the directions, and have kept them in moist potting soil in water bottle bottoms. I made a makeshift greenhouse out of a clear plastic drawer and plastic wrap. I first began rooting them at the very end of February, and have kept them misted daily. I use a very diluted liquid plant food periodically. The "greenhouse" has been kept in a sunny room in the Southwest corner of my home, being careful to keep it out of direct sunlight, so as not to overheat the clippings. These shoots showed up the first week of June, and have been doing well.
My only concern pertains to the curling leaf ends on the shoot which is photo-right. Any tips here?
I could also use some advise as to when to transfer them to larger pots, so they can grow big enough to plant. Also, once I transfer them to pots, do I continue to keep them out of direct sunlight for a time? I live in Southern California, near the Foothills, so sunlight isn't lacking.
Anyhow, if anyone out there has experience successfully cultivating an olive tree from a rooted clipping, please share your experience and advice, as it would be greatly appreciated.


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