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Peace perfect peace

Good morning to you all,
And what a morning it is here, the sun's just said goodnight to the moon and it's now taken over for the rest of the day, '(The moons on night shift)

Im doing two things waiting for the tin corrinated sheets to come in to the builders so i can start on the smoker,
No rush ive a portable one i use with the caravan so the smell of smoking chicken /burgers :/ will still be in the air,

Ive a rough bit of border and ive decided as its in the orchard it'll produce nice potatoes next year and so it's going to get a side edge cut and the inner side turned over and rotovated/ composted and i'll keep this going until the first planting next season,

Music playing just now, Sharon corr and jeff Beck (Mna-Na- Hereann) Its an Irish ghostly tune but what a tune, )
Do yourself a favour and google it "Now".

PS And if you want to hear a little thought for a gardeners worst nightmare, "google there going to build a motorway in my back garden"
Its again an irish tune and the words are just right:giggle:

Well until later Have a nice day,


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