My Pilea needs attention/ HELP!!!

Nov 19, 2020
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United Kingdom
My Pilea, which I bought as a tiny '4 puppies' in a small pot, has grown and became the most beautiful plant. Not without issues and learning curve.
I once repotted it from a plastic pot into a clay pot and it didn't like it. It dropped so many leaves and became tall and skinny.
Then it recovered and was uber stunning until recently
I was away for 2.5 months and the tenant moved it from the kitchen which is super bright,( 2 large windows) to the dining room table, which hasn't got the same amount of light, although quite light, bit still---not the same.
It has lost so so many leaves and is now 4 tall bare stems with heave leaves on top which makes it droop as it is top-heavy..
Can I cut the stems and repot into 4 pots? Like you do with tiny 'Pilea-pups"?
See photos of before- and after... Very sad...
Looking fwd to some tips.




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