Aug 16, 2022
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Tulsa, OK
United States
I am more of an experimenter than a gardener. I have a brown thumb and have been known to kill even an air fern, left in my custody (i watered it). My focus is permaculture, in the form of selectively growing wild and cultivated plants of the same species in various places to see which spots they like best. My goal is for the plants to be self sufficient. I only give them attention when absolutely necessary (such as water, fertilizer, fungicide, pesticide etc). I let weeds grow selectively, removing only noxious and invasive ones. Weeds seem to naturally know where the best place for them to grow is, so when i see a strong patch, I remove other lesser vigorous types and transplant other of the same kind from other areas to create a grouping of the same weed. This approach makes the weeds appear to be cultivated and are often rather attractive this way. My biggest struggle is shield bugs and burmuda weed (grass). I use occultation of patches and hand weeding around plants. I am on constant look out for plants that can withstand the hostile conditions of my native Oklahoma, where most days can bring a flood, drought, hail, tornado, fire, extreme heat, subzero and on a rare occasion nice cool day. My favorite indestructable plants are Blackberry, Blueberry, wood sorrel, garlic, rose of sharon, tall phylox, and Lirope. I am especially interested these days in cover crops, but i can not figure out: Do they have to be watered or are some self maintained? How do you get rid of them when ready to plant crops? Do you have to keep replanting them or do they reseed or are perennial? Can you collect seed and replant or do you have to rebuy it each time? Anywho, In spite of the horrid climate, and the fact most of us carry a six shooter, Okies are probably the friendliest folks around, if all ya'll are passen through stop and see my garden, for a good laugh anyway, take care now. Wow you read all the way to here, without napping, now that's patience.
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