Fertilizing with Hormones

Oct 8, 2017
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Here is an interesting paragraph.

"It appears that auxin affects almost all developmental steps in plants from early embryogenesis to fruit ripening and controls organogenesis at the meristems, which define plant architecture. Nowadays, research focuses on understanding how such a small molecule can be ubiquitous and at the same time have context-dependent function."

Can anyone tell me about this?

How about cytokinin, where this sentence is worthy of interest;

"Aged herring sperm DNA can promote cell division"

Now-the internet never needs an image of an over-stimulated grandpa fish and a breakfast cereal.

I am outside my mind wondering about the "Big Five" hormones. I bought some Superthrive, and now I want to know more. I thought it was just a micronutrient product, but oh boy was I wrong, or more correctly I would say completely unaware.
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