Zone 7A - northern VA suburbs

Jun 10, 2020
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United States
Hi everyone - new to the forums and semi new to gardening. Had a very large garden growing up in PA due to having a lot of land and great soil. Have since had 3 gardens as an adult of varying types. This is the first year growing in northern Virginia. Doing a variety of planting styles including square foot raised bed, pots, random repurposed raised beds (like a kiddie pool) and some direct sow into the ground. We started everything from seed this year and so far so good.

We are growing:
Onions, beets, radish, lettuce varieties, spinach, carrots, pole beans, cucumbers, beefsteak tomatoes and a variety of hot peppers. We also just planted a self pollinating dwarf carmine jewel cherry tree. Don’t expect cherries until 2022 though.

excited to look around the forum to see all the cool things people are growing all over. Let me know if you’re in the same zone or nearby


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