Jan 31, 2018
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The Tropic of Trafford
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Keir Hardy
United Kingdom
United Utilities informed me by e-mail a week ago that they were going to be working on the pipes in our area early next month.

"We’re carrying out work to refresh the water pipes in your area. It’s part of a programme taking place across the North West region to help remove natural mineral deposits, keep the pipes in tip-top condition and make sure we continue to provide high quality water to your home or business."

So I rang them to say that I think the same thing needs doing with the pipe between the water meter and our stop cock as we're experiencing decreasing water pressure. They agreed to do this and I made an appointment.
They should have been here between 4.00 pm and 9.00 pm Today.

About 5.00pm I got a phone message to say that due to a couple of local emergencies, they can't come today. So they are coming on Tueday afternoon (my choice).

But they're giving me £25 in compensation for the cancelled appointment.

My conclusion is that they are making far too much money.

I'm expecting a "how did we do?" email for me to give them points out of ten regarding the phone conversation.

I'll ignore it as I did the one I got when I made the first phone call.

I don't do surveys.


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