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Peace perfect peace

Greatings Folks,
Well it's a hot , hot one today and its waste collection day,

I garden in a different way to the way i did when we lived in North- Wales uk,
Im up and out in the garden around 6am if it's forcast a hot one,

By 12 noon its over until 7pm ish and then i'll do a bit more,

When we lived in wales it rained a lot of the time and the summer was a short one compered with here,
One thing about this part of France we do get a Summer,

We're off to the vets later today (dog's heart tablets are running out) And then back to the garden and work shop,

Another good guide to weather here and one ive learned to trust is the "Farmers" just now they are out in force harvesting corn, tomorrows forcast thunder/lightening,

I suppose the good side to that forcast is the watering can can have a rest :sleep:


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