Succulent houseplant dying...please help

Nov 24, 2019
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United States
I’m not much of a green thumb, so I need help. My succulent houseplant is not doing well, and I’m Noh sure why. I was watering it weekly, but when I spoke to someone at the local garden store, they said to decrease the watering. I also gave it Grow More Cactus Juice 2 weeks ago, and it looks worse. Some of the leaves broke off of the dying middle plane, so I tried to stimulate it with Bontone Rooting Ppasee both in the soil and in water, and nothing. What am I doing wrong here?


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Apr 17, 2017
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United Kingdom
I’m not a succulent expert but since nobody else is responding I’ll try to help! To be honest, I think the thing that you are doing wrong is paying too much attention to the plant. Succulents like to be left alone. It sounds to me like you were overwatering it which may have caused root rot. I usually try to feel the leaves of my succulents before I water them. Once they are a little less firm, I’ll give them some water. But that is usually not very often.

If it has root rot, the fertilizer won’t help it come back to life. And you probably watered with the fertilizer sooner than you should have trying to help the plant, but it backfired.

The rooting powder won’t help. That is for when you take cuttings of a plant, not to help an established plant grow stronger roots.

I would say to let it dry out pretty well now and wait for the leaves to become less firm before doing anything else. It might be too late though. The good thing is that succulents are pretty cheap and you can use what you’ve learned on the next one! I have 47 houseplants and consider myself to be somewhat knowledgeable, but I have killed at least 5 over the last year (mostly overwatering), so don’t think you suck! It’s incredibly common! Don’t let this deter you from being passionate about plants! Good luck!

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