Mixing small indoor cacti and succulents – growing together in same pots / planters?

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Low Altitude
Sep 22, 2017
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Hi everyone.

We have a few cacti and succulents – see attached photo.

I think they are:

A - some kind of dwarf aloe / jade plant, so a succulent
B - some kind of dwarf aloe / jade plant, so a succulent
C - Parodia Parodia microsperma, so a cactus
D - 'frankenstein' grafted moon cactus

It would be fun and visually appealing to mix the cacti and the succulents in the same planter, BUT – are their watering requirements so different as to make that impractical?

So far, I've kept both healthy by watering the cacti once a month, but watering the succulents much more frequently, every week-to-ten-days. But it's been complete guesswork by me...


ABCD cacti succulents.jpg


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