Strawberry help / advice needed please

Apr 8, 2019
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United Kingdom
Hello everyone

I had some great advice here not too long ago for my roses and raspberries so I thought I'll come back again if I need to ask more which I do now.
I've got 4 medium sized pots full or strawberries, filled only with compost in my greenhouse.
I've noticed that a few leaves are starting to turn a bit brown although the fruits I'm getting now are very sweet and I have to admit it all grows a lot quicker then I thought it would. 2 Plants are already giving runners (I've had them a bit longer than the other 2) and I'm hoping to grow a few more strawberry plants.

I water them every other day but they stay in the greenhouse until I've solved my slug problem then I hope to move the pots outside. Is there anything I can do to improve my strawberries or get the odd leave to look nice and green again or are they simply just dead leaves? I've had strawberries before but I think it was a different kind than I now have hence why all the questions I've got.

Thanks very much :)


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