Moringa advice

Jan 29, 2017
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United States
Got this moringa seeds from Zokiva, I believe, distributor. Soaked in water, keep in wet paper towel, I got 100% sprouting. Planted them, they take off beautifully in 4 different soil mixtures I tried, grow to about 6-8 inches, two sets/levels of leaves and after about 3-4 weeks they die. I tried different soils, I plated them in pots where I have established plants/trees, some 4-5 years old, add some fertilizer on some... no matter what I did, they turn yellow or just lean over and die. Some die close to the seed first and stem falls on the side, some have leaves dry out. I don't want to give up, I am hoppng that if I can get them past this stage and they star building some wood structure I can keep them alive. I am in Northers Ohio now and I know I'll have to keep them in the house more than half year since they are tropical plants. Anybody with Moringa experience to share some advice? Thank you.


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