Monstera Deliciosa, leaves turning brown and yellow

Nov 16, 2020
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United Kingdom
I bought a large monstera deliciosa in August and it was incredibly rootbound when I got home, the roots had formed lots of circles around the pot. Within a week I repotted it, into a larger pot (ceramic with drainage holes) by a few inches. At the time I only had houseplants compost so didn't use any perlite etc in the potting mix. Even when I repotted it I found it quite hard to break up the root system, so I basically ended up adding new soil underneath and around the sides of it to fit the new pot. Since then it has been a few metres from a window, not close enough for direct sunlight, and i have been misting it a few times a week and giving it a full water about every 3 weeks, ensuring it is never sitting in water and letting any water drain completely out, before watering I've checked that the top few inches of soil are dry.

(Current pictures are attached)
The first new leaf turned brown and crispy before it even properly unfurled and I haven't seen any new growth since apart from the lengthening of a few arial roots. One leaf near the bottom at the back turned completely yellow over time and died so I removed it. A leaf (picture attached) has been progressively getting more brown around the edges, while some of the other leaves are turning brown/yellow at the tips. I don't want this plants leaves to keep getting worse, so hoping someone could offer some advice on what is best to do...

Many thanks in advance!


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Aug 10, 2021
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United States
Greetings, welcome to the Forums.

It is good that you repotted your Monstera deliciosa, but even now it is a large plant in a small pot. Overall, it looks healthy, and some blemishes and loss of older leaves is to be expected. Continue to balance irrigation to give both regular moisture and good drainage. More light might be good, if possible. The light can be bright as long as it is mostly indirect or dappled. Fertilize lightly and occasionally.
Eventually you may want to prune your plant and/or take stem cuttings in order to start over with a rejuvenated specimen.

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