Help with Monstera Deliciosa

Sep 23, 2017
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My Monstera Deliciosa needs some help! The main thing is that it just doesn't seem to be growing. I have 2 different plants, and they both seem to have similar issues (but maybe different?).

Plant #1 (first 3 photos, below) has had no growth at all this summer. The leaves look wilty even though I've been watering. There seems to be a yellowing that starts at the middle vein of the leaf. It just doesn't look vibrant anymore and I'm concerned about the lack of growth.

Plant #2 (last 3 photos, below) doesn't seem to have the yellowing problem, and did make 1 beautiful new leaf this summer, but the rest of the leaves just seem old and tired. They are also wilty and starting to get a bit ripped. I need to work on giving this plant better support so some re-potting may be needed soon. In the photos you can see the vibrance of the new leaf and also the sad old looking leaves.

See the photos for details. I have the plant in a sunroom (no windows on the ceiling, but the south wall is a 1 big window and the larger west-facing side is all windows. No windows on the north side). Lots of bright indirect light all year round, but I live in the PNW, so there are lots of clouds and not much light in the winter. Some direct light when the sun is shining through the windows. Temps get up to 90 degrees in the summer (but good ventilation with breezes blowing through), down to 40s in the winter. I use a soil moisture monitor and water whenever the plant is totally dry.

Any advice?


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Jul 18, 2016
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Upstate New York
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Belmont is correct, it needs some more room. The roots are too thick for water to get through, so it always looks thirsty.

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