Help with my Podocarpus wall

Jan 8, 2022
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Central Florida
United States
Hello everyone ! I need some help with my Podocarpus planted last year around summer. Not sure if it's the season "Winter" because in Florida we never really get cold weather but it definitely changes. My Podocarpus were very healthy and beautiful but lately I have found these concerning issues. I water once a week giving the season temperature, I keep it most until it shows dry on my meter so I can water again. If it rains I skip until the meter shows from moist to dry before watering. I don't want to overwater but not sure if I should water more ?

I recently added fertilizer first days of December and before that was summer after planted.

This is the product I used: Miracle-Gro Shake 'N Feed Flowering Trees and Shrubs Continuous Release Plant Food

Bellow some picture of my concerts, any help will be appreciated!


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Aug 10, 2021
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United States
Greetings, welcome to the Forums.

Most of the damage to your Podocarpus macrophyllus hedge appears to be due to aphids or a similar Homopteran insect. The blackened leaves seen in several shots is Sooty Mold, which is a secondary infection caused by a fungus that lives on the honeydew secreted by the insects. If you treat for the insects the Sooty Mold will also disappear. First try to locate an photograph the actual insects so that they can be properly identified. They will be quite small, but you may be able to photograph them with the macro settings found on most modern cameras.

The brown leaves in the last three photographs may indicate a separate problem related to drainage and/or disease, but the exact nature and prevalence of this problem is unclear form the photos alone.

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