Fresh Basil & Peppermint has moss on pot and white threads(spiderlike on plant)

Sep 12, 2013
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I grew upstate and and moved to Manhattan a few years ago. After having a massive garden with the family upstate I finally decided to grow my own herbs in the windowsill.

Everything was going great up until last month, there was moss (fungus) all over the plant and what looks like aphids/spiders eating away my plant. I cut everything off and now 3 weeks later the herbs are regrowing but I am having the same issue.

Is my problem aphids? What are they? Would truly appreciate any help:

I have photos here:



Jul 14, 2013
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the last picture is definitely aphids. The web like one might be spider mites? The stuff on the pot is algae-type substance that grows where there is a lot of damp and not enough sun, and I haven't found it hurt any of my plants. But the aphids and spider mites are another story - you definitely want to get rid of those. You can spray them with a tablespoon of a vegetable oil based soap, they Murphy's soap, mixed into a spray bottle of water. This will kill the bugs. You might have to repeat once or twice a week until they are all gone. Then you should probably spray them with something like cold black tea once a week, or any time you start to see them come back. This won't kill them, but it repels them, so that hopefully they'll just go somewhere else, and it is good for your plant.

You might consider dumping the soil in the garbage, cleaning your pot well with soap and water, then soaking in a weak bleach solution, then adding some fresh soil and putting your plants back in. Or just plant new ones. In my experience, once you get aphids in a pot, it is almost impossible to get rid of them any other way.
Jan 4, 2013
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Miami, FL
I hate spider mites. My Alocasia Polly is covered in their nasty webs. I was about to buy an expensive spray to kill them, but I'll try Crazyplantlady's tips first.
OP, once you change your infested soil, just throw it out. It's not worth saving because of the pests and pathogens. Just sterilize your pot and get some clean potting soil.
I've made the mistake of trying to reuse potting soil and a pot from a plant that died and that mistake killed a second plant.


Sep 20, 2012
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It looks like spider mites to me. They keep attacking my plants, too. I hate them:mad: They're such nasty pests.
Try to wash your herbs with water and dish soap or with black tea. Do it regularly for one or two weeks. It should help.

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