Fence Garden - Year 2


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Jun 13, 2014
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Last year, one of my small projects was to expand this small garden along the fence, near my pond.
IMG_7589 copy.jpg

So in April of 2018, I drew up a plan and then expanded it as much as I could while still leaving a narrow pathway between it and my pond.

IMG_7593 copy.jpg

IMG_7609 copy.jpg

There wasn't much to see last year, since most of the plants were just beginning to establish themselves, but this Prairie Smoke put on a nice show.
IMG_8245 copy.jpg

Fast forward to this week. It's filled in nicely and looking great!
IMG_4942 copy.jpg

IMG_4768 copy.jpg

IMG_4774 copy.jpg

IMG_4946 copy1.jpg

Species in this garden include Bush's Coneflower, Purple Poppy Mallow, Prairie Smoke, Butterflyweed, Royal Catchfly, Prairie Coreopsis, Partridge Pea, Rocky Mountain Penstemon, Stout Blue-eyed Grass, Blue Grama, and Wood Lily.

I did make one mistake. I thought the tall plant by my clock was one of my Long-headed Coneflowers. Now that it's gotten much bigger, I realize it's Gray-headed Coneflower. While still a great plant, it'll get too tall and block the view of my clock, so after this season I'll have to take it out and plant it somewhere else. Unfortunately, all of my Long-headed Coneflowers disappeared over the winter, so I may just add Side-Oats Grama or Little Bluestem.


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