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Jan 31, 2018
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Keir Hardy
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I 'sppose, it's a good day.
We've been having problems with the drains.
It turns out that the soil pipe from the stack to the drain had developed a fault, there was a little bit of water coming up around the stack where it enters the drive now and again when we flushed the loo..
Because there was a crack in the concrete of our drive, which had been there for decades, I suspected the pipe may have started to collapse.
A camera investigation on Saturday afternoon revealed that there was a big lump of concrete in the pipe that had been there since the house was built in 1965, reducing the flow by 50% all this time. No way could it be removed. Added to this you could see that there was a joint in the pipe which had become slightly off-set.
The firm returned this morning, cut into the drive, dug down four feet and replaced a section of the pipe.
All done and finished in a couple of hours and me the worse off by £450. But it was worth it for peace of mind.
You can't do without an always fully working toilet, "at any age."

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