35 years ago today.

Sep 9, 2018
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We got married 35 years ago today and I wondered all my working years how it would go when we retired.

She worked days and said there was no way she would stay home and be a house wife to a man under foot all day and worked all night.

In April I will be retired 19 years and in May same 19 for her.
We managed to do well I would say very well since then.

But the road is full of pot holes now, since she went behind my back and put every thing in a trust for the kids and grand kids.
I am not even able to touch the trust if she were to die.

I will have to ask her sister to get me some money if the need arises.
For ever tied to her family.

All because her folks left her money when they passed and the money planer told her horror stories of nurseing homes cleaning the people out of every thing they had.
Said if/when I am put in a nurseing home they will not be able to clean all our assets out.

I think that is what has me so P issed off is there was thoughts of putting me in one of those GAWD AWFUL places.
She knows how I feel about them, rather she help me back into the woods with a hand gun.

:D Al

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